BSc(Hons) DPhil DClinPsych CPsychol AFBPsS HCPC Registered

Experienced Clinical Neuropsychologist, working as an independent practitioner in the areas of Medico-Legal Neuropsychological Assessment and Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment and treatment


Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Phone  07484809003

email: LRMacartney@btinternet.com​

Medico-Legal Neuropsychological Assessment: 25 years of experience providing Neuropsychological assessment to advise the Court for the purposes of compensation claims and criminal proceedings.

Establishing a person’s:

  • Level of cognitive function following brain injury due to accident, assault, hypoxia etc.   

  • Loss or reduction in function due to medical conditions e.g. stroke, cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy etc. where it impacts on legal proceedings

  • Loss or reduction in cognitive function due to substance misuse

  • The levels of cognitive function for the establishing of capacity and fitness to plead in any Legal/Quasi-legal situation.

Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment and treatment: 25 years of experience working with those who have suffered a reduction in cognitive function or other psychological issues due to illness, disease, accident or physical and psychological trauma.

Dealing with problems arising from:

  • Head/brain injury and concussion due to accidents, falls, sports injuries assaults etc.

  • Reduced thinking ability and memory function due to illness and disease (e.g. stroke, brain haemorrhage, dementia, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, brain surgery or any hypoxic injury)


  • Difficulties with brain function arising from drug and alcohol misuse

  •  Assessment carried out for return-to-work issues, insurance and pension claims

  • Post-assessment advice and therapy provided as necessary to individuals, their families and/or carers.